The piece Social Security Card (xxx-xx-xxx) is a reflection of my experience of becoming a United States citizen after 18 years of living in the country. The piece evinces the lengthy and laborious naturalization process through the slow, thoughtful process of its creation.

The modern-day phenomenon of fake news calls into question what we perceive as true and authentic. This line of questioning extends into and includes the notions of authenticity and legitimacy of someone’s citizenry in the American cultural fabric. In this light, I created a to-scale embroidered replica of a social security card: a nondescript document that often goes unconsidered by its holder but, in today’s world, acts as a personal-identification document. The resulting object, recognizable by its design and motifs, is a one-of-a-kind facsimile of a document that is continually mechanically reproduced and has been over 450 million times.